In order to properly use RedCorners.Forms, you are encouraged to derive your main Application class from RedCorners.Forms.Application2 instead of the built-in Application that comes with Xamarin.Forms.

Preparing the Application

RedCorners.Forms provides its own Application base class, called Application2, which is located under the RedCorners.Forms namespace. Modify your App to inherit from the new Application2 class instead of Xamarin.Forms Application:

using System;
using Xamarin.Forms;
using RedCorners.Forms;

namespace RedCorners.Demo
    public partial class App : Application2
        public override void InitializeSystems()
            // Because we also have an App.xaml file


        // Tell RedCorners.Forms what our first page should be
        public override Page GetFirstPage() => 
            new Views.MainPage();

If you use an App.xaml file too, you have to change the base class there as well:

<rf:Application2 xmlns=""

Now if you run your application, RedCorners.Forms should boot up and launch your Views.MainPage Page.