RedCorners SDKs

RedCorners provides SDKs and utilities that facilitate communication with some of the major social networks and media hosting websites. These SDKs are designed with the comfort of software developers in mind, as well as the goal of maintaining the maximum level of flexibility for them. With RedCorners SDKs, developers can save days of debugging strange and unreliable network code, and have a working prototype by lunch time!

We currently offer .NET SDKs for Vimeo and YouTube. These allow you to:

  • Access the API endpoints of Vimeo, YouTube and even other Google APIs through a simple interface.
  • Have resumable uploads with easy to use callbacks, control on chunk sizes and support for large file sizes (> 2GB).
  • Update video metadata including the title, description, tags, privacy settings, you name it!
  • Works on Windows through .NET framework (Mono support coming soon!).

For more information about our SDKs, please visit the following pages: